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Ilmarinen HQ 
Helsinki Finland

236 kWp Smart Solar utility at Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen headquarters
roof is the largest property-specific utility in Helsinki.


Ilmarinen Oyj


Utility Peak Power:
236 kWp


Helsinki, Finland

Mutual pension insurance company Ilmarinen

The intelligent solar power plant on the roof of the pension insurance company's Ilmarinen head office is Helsinki's largest property-specific solar power plant. The power plant produces 14% of the property's annual energy needs, and on summer days up to 50% of the property's consumption.

The power plant has about 700 solar panels, the production of which is controlled by intelligent power optimizers and inverters. As in other office buildings, there are many shading factors on the roof of Ilmarinen's head office. Power optimizers help minimize the side effects of shadows.

The building is high, so in addition to counterweights, the substructure is mounted with corner brackets. The corner fastening is done with bitumen glueing, so no penetrations have been made in the roof.

Esko Torsti

Fight against climate change

By investing in our own solar utility, Ilmarinen wants to encourage use of renewables as a leading example in the fight against climate change by reducing our carbon footprint.

Esko Torsti,
Director Ilmarinen

Monitoring and production statistics

The power plant is connected to the central control of building automation. This lowers operating and maintenance costs when power plant monitoring and maintenance tasks are integrated into normal property management.

Production data is transmitted via the interface to the energy portfolio of the asset managers, in which case the effect of production on the change in the consumption profile can be taken into account in the procurement of electricity purchased from the network. This brings recurring cost savings.

The power plant's production statistics are presented in the property's advertising display systems tailored to the Ilmarinen brand. Production is presented in an easily customizable format to the target audience instead of in kilowatt-hours.

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