Solar safety
Solar safety

Safe solar

The value of your property is multiple compared to a solar utility.
Therefore invest in safety.

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What are the key safety factors for solar on your property?

A solar utility is a high-power electrical installation on your roof. Safe installation and operation of the utility is very important to safeguard both the utility and your property. When you consider to install a solar utility on your property, there are different safety aspects that you should take into consideration. From safe installation and maintenance to technical and insurance requirements.

Safe installation and operations

Safe installation and operations

Investing in solar is a long term investment. When selecting an installation partner, pay attention to quality and safe operations. Do not focus only on minimizing investment and maximising production. Choose quality components with long warranties and safe operations. Create space for walking routes to ensure safe and efficient maintenance of installations that are on the roof.

Insurance: invest in a future proof installation

Insurance companies face increasing demands to insure properties with solar utilities on the roof. To keep the insurance premium at a reasonable level they require specific features in the utility to decrease the (fire) risks of the utility in combination with the roof composition and inside operations.

Consult your insurance company

Consult your insurance company

Solnet advises consulting your insurance company prior to the installation of a solar utility to prevent unpleasant surprises. Combinations of operational activities, roof compositions and a solar utility can lead to higher fire risk. The insurer can therefore require specific safety provisions to prevent increased premium.

Insurance requirements

Insurance requirements

Depending on the situation insurers demand increasing technical safety requirements on solar utilities, like arc fault detection, overheating detection and the use of power optimizers. Module-level power optimizers enable the 24/7 monitoring and automatic de-energizing of the DC-cables whenever a possible problem occurs. The whole panel array will also be de-energized to a safe voltage for firefighters to proceed with normal routines without the threat of electrocution. All standard features of a smart solar utility.

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Future proof

Make sure that your solar utility is future proof regarding technical and operational safety. Therefore invest in the latest technology that is adaptable to future developments in energy, like connectivity, energy storage, EV charging and grid services.


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