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Case Project Mannoury

Apartment complex Mannoury

Solar energy as part of an award winning innovative and sustainable urban planning project




Utility Peak Power:
76 kWp


Amsterdam, NL

Project Mannoury 

For Aedes, a real estate company focused on investing in and developing real estate in and around Amsterdam, we contributed to a special and innovative project. The Mannoury project consists of two identical building blocks with 64 high-quality apartments, with the same geographical features and conditions.

The Mannoury project won the prestigious National Dutch Roof Plan award "Roof of the Year" in 2023.

Blue-green roof
There is an important difference in the top roofs though. One has a blue-green roof, the other does not. Both have solar panels installed. This is to investigate whether the cooling green on the blue-green roof leads to a higher energy yield from the solar panels.

In both building blocks, shower water from apartments is collected in the basement. In the building with a blue-green roof, this shower water is pumped to the roof, filtered and purified by a natural helophyte filter consisting of marsh plants that has been installed on a portion of the blue-green roof. In the building where the highest roof is conventionally executed, the shower water is purified by a bioreactor in the basement and then pumped to the roof

Solar energy installation with a special construction
Solar energy installations are located above the vegetation on the blue-green roof. The panels are situated higher than usual. Normally, the panels are placed as close as possible to the roof surface to make the installation as aerodynamic as possible in view of the effects of the wind. However, there is vegetation under the panels, which is why the panels are placed higher to allow light to enter the vegetation layer.

For the substructure, we chose a system from one of our main suppliers. The structure is very lightweight and "higher on the legs" due to the need for light. The attachment of the structure is special because it is almost entirely anchored to the roof. Not to the roofing, but actually to the building structure using large bolts and anchors in reinforced concrete. This decision was made because of the height of the roofs at 17 and 25 meters, combined with the raised substructure. This type of anchoring is necessary because at high wind speeds, the installation must be able to absorb large forces. The fall protection is also attached to the same anchors, making optimal use of the relatively small space.

Multiple installations have been installed per roof. These are connected to the individual apartments and to the central facilities system in the basement of the complex, where, for example, the pumps of the water management and the lifts are controlled. Six panels have been installed per apartment, so that they can consume the actual production of these modules.

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