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Shopping center Sterrenburg

Shopping center Sterrenburg

Green roof in combination with solar panels on a unique substructure




Utility Peak Power:
128 kWp


Dordrecht, NL

Shopping center Sterrenburg

Wereldhave is a Dutch listed company that invests in commercial real estate (offices, shopping centers and retail parks) in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The company owns several shopping centers in the Netherlands

We have installed a solar energy installation on the roof of the Sterrenburg shopping center, which houses 36 shops. The specific thing about this project is that the solar panels have been placed on a recently constructed green roof, consisting of a layer of substrate in which sedum has been sown. Immediately after the construction of the green roof, Solnet Group started the solar energy installation with a peak capacity of 128 kWp.

Green roof
A solar utility on a green roof requires specific adjustments. To provide the green layer, the sedum, with sufficient light, the solar panels are placed on a raised substructure. The minimum height between the panels and the sedum is therefore 40 cm.
In addition, the system is oriented to the south, in order to create more light for the plants. 

Unique substructure
The big advantage of the substructure that we use is that it is easy to install after a roof has been provided with a green layer. Many other systems on the market require that the substructure for the solar panels be installed first, after which the green layer can be laid. In principle, we can provide every green roof with a solar utility, including regular ballast blocks. This makes installation simpler, faster, and more economical. The system has also been tested in a wind tunnel and has been certified.

Delivery of solar power to tenants
A unique project with a good yield and one of the first installations in the Netherlands that was built in this way. Solnet is currently developing several retail locations for this customer.
In addition, we advise Wereldhave on how best to monetize the investment in the solar utility by supplying the produced solar energy to their tenants.

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