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Case Hotel Okura

Hotel Okura

Green Globe Certified hotel reduces CO2 emissions with solar energy installation.


Hotel Okura 


Utility Peak Power:
262 kWp


Amsterdam, NL

Five star comfort with clean energy 

With a large number of rooms requiring power supply, cleaner and more affordable energy helps hotels reduce operational costs and their carbon footprint. So when Hotel Okura Amsterdam decided to reduce its dependency on the electricity grid, it turned to Solnet Group to install a proven solar energy system on its roof.

The solar energy system is visible from the hotel rooms. Therefore, extra attention has been paid to the design and reflections of the panels, using solar panels with very low reflectivity. Solnet previously received permission from authorities and airports to install this type of panels at airports and aircraft landing zones. For the most efficient use of roof space, a sleek design has been implemented with fully black panels (surface and frame) and an invisible mounting system, minimizing the potential for glare from the hotel rooms.


Taking responsibility

As a Leading Hotel of the World, we are always looking for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment while still ensuring our quality. One of the major steps we have taken in this regard in recent years is the installation of 832 solar panels. Since their installation, we have already saved over 210,000 kilograms of CO2. To put this in perspective, it is equivalent to planting 6,275 trees. This is a significant achievement for us, our team, and our guests!

Jos Pallandt,
Director Rooms Division, Engineering and Projects

Optimal efficiency in a safe manner

The so-called Smart Solar system incorporates power optimizers to maximize output and thus optimize efficiency. The performance of the installation can be monitored remotely through a real-time data monitoring platform. System failures or production losses are immediately identified, isolated, and downtime is minimized. This helps reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Additionally, multiple built-in safety systems ensure that the installation operates safely at all times. In the event of overvoltage, the system will automatically shut down.


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