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25 March 2021

Are solar panels a safety risk?

Are solar panels a safety risk?

Solar electricity is a growing trend. In general, it is most profitable to install a solar panel utility on the roof of the building and to use the electricity produced for that building. This entails certain security issues.

What if a fire breaks out with a Smart Solar system?

Imagine the worst-case scenario. The emergency service receives a report on a site with a large solar energy system on the roof. There is a fire in the building. What do firefighters do? When they arrive, they turn the PV system's safety switch to the “off” position. This prevents solar electricity from being fed through to the property's electricity grid.

What if a fire breaks out with a traditional system?

The problem with a traditional system is that solar panels work very simply. They produce electricity as long as the sun shines on them. Although the safety switch has been toggled, the field with solar panels on the roof still receives energy. This is a challenge for the fire brigade. Water cannot be sprayed on the roof and the roof cannot be approached normally without considering electrical safety. This means there is a risk that the value of your property will evaporate faster than the stock trader can scream "for sale!" at the stock market.

How do you make your solar energy utility safe?

The solution is to use the most advanced technology on the market, with which the system can be operated at panel level. If necessary, the power supply can be cut off at panel level, after which the roof is quickly de-energized. By the way, this is a feature required by the most advanced standards in the industry, including US NEC 2017 and Germany's VDE-AR-E 2100-712.

Stay ahead of laws and regulations!

Technological developments always go faster than laws and regulations. Volvo was once ridiculed for a surplus of safety. Seat belts, airbags and ABS brakes are now standard on all cars. The development of PV systems is comparable. The role of safety is growing and in the future, all solar energy utility will be able to de-energize at any chosen moment of the day.

Protect your property and ensure that your solar utility uses intelligent optimization at the panel level. This ensures the safety of your property. Now and in the future. Would you like to know more about the fire safety of a solar power plant? Feel free to request our whitepaper on this topic.


Chris Limberger,
Manager Digital Marketing & Sales