Surprising benefits of solar electricity

Solar electricity is not just electricity. Because of the positive image, photovoltaics is also a good way to build a brand. With the help of solar electricity, it is possible, for example, to increase turnover, improve one's own image, or deepen customer loyalty. Read what surprising benefits Särkänniemi, Paulig and the restaurant Faro have received with the help of solar electricity.

The decision to purchase solar electricity should not be based solely on technical considerations, or on a comparison of the price of electricity. The decision should also consider the benefits of photovoltaics for your business. Photovoltaics has an extremely positive image. For example, according to a study by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), only 2% of the UK opposes renewable energy. Such a hard positive attitude is worth harnessing for the benefit of your business.

Solar opens new doors
Amusement park Särkänniemi acquired a solar power plant with a service model (PPA, Power Purchase Agreement) in the spring of 2018. Särkänniemi has been focussing on social responsibility for a long time, throughout the 21st century. "However, my own solar power plant was a communicative turning point", Miikka Seppälä, CEO of Särkänniemi, says: “We had previously told our customers about recycling and energy saving, but it didn't really seem to interest our visitors. But the purchase of a solar power plant seemed an eye-opener, suddenly everyone was interested! ”

Photovoltaics is a positive thing and we really like it a lot. Seppälä gives an example: "One small example is that when I made a post on LinkedIn on the subject, it became the most liked and most widely used post in my history!"

Solar can also open doors to circuits that are not normally accessible. Seppälä says: “Särkänniemi is a smaller player in the international entertainment industry. But when we got a solar power plant, even Disney and Universal Studios came interested to talk to us. ”

Solar can increase sales
Used well, photovoltaics can even increase sales. This requires skilful use of solar electricity in marketing and sales. Robert Paulig Roastery did so after acquiring a solar power plant. The coffee packages read “Roasted with biogas and self-made photovoltaics”, photovoltaics was raised as the theme of the marketing video and, above all, sales actively told customers about the solar power plant.

The award for the active use of solar electricity soon came. Already a couple of months after acquiring the solar power plant, Robert Paulig Roastery got a new big customer who bought coffee for about the same amount as the solar power plant had paid.

And this was not the only award, because in 2019 Robert Paulig Roastery was chosen as the best roastery in Finland. Their own solar power plant also played a part in this, as responsibility was one of the big themes in roastery pitching.

Solar creates a strong bond with the customer
Restaurant Faro's solar power plant is the first solar power plant in Solnet's history. Entrepreneur Jussi Forsman gives a practical example of how strongly solar electricity can influence people's buying behaviour. Forsman had met an unknown man on one occasion. After a small talk, Forsman said that he owns the restaurant Faro in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. To this, the man exclaimed with a big smile on his lips “I always drive to Faro for lunch when I’m in the metropolitan area where you have those solar panels on the roof!”

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As these examples show, photovoltaics has a really positive force that is worth harnessing for business benefit. Surprising benefits can be obtained from a solar power plant. These potential benefits should be considered at the stage when you are considering acquiring a solar power plant.

The most important thing in business is to increase the income stream, not just cut costs. Download the whitepaper "The Benefits of Solar Power" and learn more.

Chris Limberger,
Manager Digital Marketing & Sales