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8 December 2018

Solnet supplies 3 solar power plants to eQ real estate funds

Corporate socials responsibility has become a megatrend - also in real estate investing. Photovoltaics is a good way to support the responsibility of real estate investment and to increase the return on real estate. The model is shown by eQ's real estate funds, to which Solnet has supplied solar power to three sites.

Responsibility is rising in the real estate investment sector, which plays a significant role in reducing Finland's climate emissions. Buildings account for about 40% of Finland's greenhouse gas emissions.

Solnet has helped several real estate players reduce their emissions. We, for example, have supplied solar power plants on properties owned by four different pension insurance companies. Now the photovoltaic boom is also spreading to real estate funds.

Responsibility and more returns
For eQ's real estate funds, responsibility is important. The funds' investment activities emphasize environmental issues and energy solutions for real estate.
eQ actively influences the energy solutions of its sites. A concrete example is the introduction of solar electricity and geothermal energy at various sites.

"We invest in responsibility and energy efficiency in properties. Of course, as an investor, we are also interested in the return on real estate. We see that investing in photovoltaics is a good way to combine both goals", says Kimmo Alaharju, eQ's Real Estate Director.

Photovoltaics bring a stable return
With the help of solar electricity, the property reduces the amount of electricity purchased from the electricity grid. This reduces property maintenance costs. Photovoltaics is also a stable and low-risk investment, as the return is very predictable.

"Volatility in the stock market has increased. Uncertainty is observed in the market as growth forecasts weaken and interest rates rise. Investing in photovoltaics is a good way to diversify the investment portfolio, improve the property's return expectation and reduce risk", says Kaj Kangasmäki, CEO of Solnet Finland Oy.

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Chris Limberger,
Manager Digital Marketing & Sales