30 October 2023

Solnet Group invests into quality

Quality is of paramount importance at Solnet Group, and we want to invest in the quality of our operations.

As a token of our investment in quality, we have received ISO 9001 certification to reflect our commitment to constant improvement of quality. This certification demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and efficient business operations.

With ISO 9001 certification, we ensure that our processes are well-documented, consistently monitored, and regularly improved. At Solnet Group, we believe that this commitment to quality not only benefits our organization but also, and most importantly, our valued customers. To learn more about our quality policy and certification, feel free to download them. If you need more information about the certification, please contact our CFO Jukka Alvesalo or COO Veli-Matti Heimonen.

Joanna Viileinen,
Head of Marketing and Communication