8 September 2023

Meet Danae Barreto, our new Sales Manager for Germany

Danae Barreto started at Solnet Group during summer 2023 as a Sales Manager for Germany.

Danae is originally from Mexico but has been living in Germany for ten years. She has a great background in international business and sales through 7 years of international sales experience. She has been studying in international business in Mexico, European management in France and she did MA in Transport and Logistics in Germany. Danae also has great language skills, and she is fluent in Spanish, English, German and French.

Danae has really enjoyed working at Solnet and has really taken on the Solnet Spirit: “The ideology of the company is great; it is more like a family, and I really like that. It is not that we are working for a common goal, but we really do it together as one big family. And this really goes together with the ideology of the company. People are nice and helpful, and they really do it because they want to help you. It is genuine.”

For Solnet’s customers and potential ones Danae has also a message: “Our goal is to grow together with our customers. We are willing to work together and help you to achieve your goals, both financial and sustainability goals. We see customers as true partners which I think is important”.

In addition to striving to have ambitious goals in work she also has them in her spare time. “I love sports, especially swimming and I used to be a professional swimmer. I was State Champion last year in open water swimming and got first place in the Frankfurt City Triathlon middle-distance relay recently. I also run and cycle in my free time and have done the Berlin Marathon in 2018, but I also like reading a lot.”

Joanna Viileinen,
Head of Marketing and Communication