12 September 2023

Meet Andreas Wilke, our new Sales Manager for Germany

Andreas Wilke joined Solnet Group in the beginning of summer 2023 as a Sales Manager for Germany.

Andreas Wilke started at Solnet Group this summer.  The reason is clear: “I wanted to do something new, in a new business context and with a greater added value for me, and the companies I’m working with. Solnet Group provided me that opportunity”

Andreas has an inspiring background in sales, business development and marketing. He really enjoys Solnet Group's entrepreneurial spirit. Before he joined Solnet, he was a founder of a start-up company and led a team of 15 people. He has a BSc in Engineering and MBA in international business and entrepreneurship. 

For customers and potential ones Andreas want's to send greetings: “This is the best time to invest into solar. Sustainability targets and rising energy costs should be incentive enough, especially for C&I customers, to invest now for the future. 

In his spare time Andreas likes to be outdoors. He enjoys outdoor sports such as snowboarding in the winter and playing tennis and biking in summer. 

Joanna Viileinen,
Head of Marketing and Communication