10 March 2023

Make an impact – the story of Solnet

Solnet was established in 2014 by Kaj Kangasmäki and Arttur Kulvik to meet future energy needs. They both had the same idea without knowing each other; to create a company that can make an impact on solar energy and the climate. When they met through mutual friends, they quickly noticed that they share the same values and wanted to build a company together. 

Solnet was created based on the following idea: offer easy-to-use high-quality technical and digital solar solutions to international customers. 
While Solnet is rapidly growing, we have established common values together with our employees:

Caring: We care about our employees and customers and aim to foster long-lasting partnerships.

Flexible: We adapt readily to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Courageous: We boldly expand into new markets and embrace innovative operational models and projects. We view challenging projects as opportunities for growth.

Inspirational: Our goal is to inspire through our work and the application of new technologies that benefit the environment. We are also inspired by collaborating on large-scale projects.

Solnet – the first one to offer Solar as a Service in Finland

Solnet had from the beginning a great focus on customer service and many of our services are really created to meet the real customer need. Solnet was the first solar energy company to offer PPA, a power purchase agreement in Finland to make the switch to solar energy as easy as possible for our customers. Solnet’s PPA model won the WWF’s Climate Solver award in 2016. Since we have started to offer this service in every market where we operate.

The founders have a unique perspective on solar energy. Arttur Kulvik has a background in the media and broadcasting sector and Kaj Kangasmäki from IT sector, and they both have great insight into digitalization. With digitalization, Solnet can increase the level of safety, business case, and automation within our offering. This can be done with the help of unique remote-controlled smart solar panels.

” I needed change and wanted to have a job with a purpose. I investigated the health and wellbeing sector first but then got more interested in the environmental angle and solar energy. I called Peter Lund at Aalto University and found out more about solar energy. This discussion really strengthened my belief that this idea would have real potential”, Kaj Kangasmäki tells about the start of the company.


"Solnet Spirit" from the beginning

Both Kaj and Arttur wanted to start offering solar energy to large customers and created a business model which was straight away directed to the B2B sector. They also shared the international vision from the start and started projects all over Europe to develop their skills. They showed a great emphasis on customer service and customer experience straight away and created a service-based business model to support this.

” We wanted to create a company culture with good team spirit – Solnet Spirit from the start. Build the best working methods to serve our customers the best way with fair and sustainable methods. We think that if you enjoy your work and have a good purpose to work for it shows to the customer as well", Arttur Kulvik emphasizes.

Solnet signed the first service agreement already in 2014 for ten years. The cornerstones of Solnet’s customer-focused service offering are easiness to the customer, safety, and high quality. To be a flexible partner, Solnet has introduced lean processes and organization with modern working methods and minimized bureaucracy.

Building the story and the company together

2014 Solnet founded – profitable growth since start. During the first year, Solnet managed to guarantee our first 10-year service agreement. 

2015 First onsite Solar PPA operational. Leading warehouse and grocery chain Kesko as a customer in Finland.

2016 Two of the largest solar energy plants were delivered in Finland. Climate Solver award by WWF for Solnet’s PPA model.

2017 Solnet Group B.V. was established in the Netherlands. 

2018 Solnet strategy update – from country-based to organization-based approach.

2019 Sitra selected Solnet as a European circular economy forerunner in the energy sector.

2020 First agreements for Germany. Solnet was featured as # 59 on the Financial Times' FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe and #3 for the energy sector on the list. Solnet deepens its partnership with SolarEdge to help large corporate customers meet their RE100/sustainability targets.

2021 First deliveries done to Germany. Solnet was selected as one of the global Smart solar leaders by Fortune Business Insight.

2022 EAB Private Equity and TESI (Finnish Industry Investment) made a 15-million-euro investment into Solnet Group to speed up the international growth of the company. PAN European onsite solar deliveries.

2023 A new country office opened in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Solar energy is carbon-neutral renewable energy to secure our future and Solnet is here to help you to reach your company’s sustainability targets. Solnet has been growing every year (doubled its turnover in 2022) and continues to grow with 30 to 40 % annual growth. Choose solar energy from Solnet and make an impact together with us.

Joanna Viileinen,
Head of Marketing and Communication