Smart Solar Solutions
30 January 2018

Ahlsell secures its electricity supply 15% cheaper with a PPA

Ahlsell has entered into a service agreement with Solnet Green Energy for low-cost photovoltaics. A solar power plant will be built on the roof of Ahlsell's Hyvinkää central warehouse and head office during the spring. The power plant will be implemented through a service agreement, which means that Ahlsell will not have to invest. Ahlsell will buy the electricity generated by the power plant at a 15% lower price than at present.

Ahlsell, the leading technical trade professional in the Nordic countries, invests in sustainable development and has long been considering the use of solar electricity. Solnet Green Energy's service model made it possible to utilize solar electricity easily and without investment. Ahlsell and Solnet entered into a service agreement under which Solnet will supply a solar power plant to the roof of the property and sell electricity to Ahlsell. Solar-generated electricity is 15% cheaper than what Ahlsell would otherwise pay for its electricity. Solnet is responsible for the maintenance of the power plant throughout the contract period.

The 300 kWp solar power plant was built in the spring is the largest in the region and one of the largest in Finland. The power plant produces about 15% of the property's electricity consumption per year. An intelligent power plant will be delivered to Hyvinkää, which will be optimized at the panel level. This achieves the most advanced fire safety on the market and higher electricity production compared to a traditional solar power plant. The intelligent solar power plant will be integrated into home automation and centralized control.

"Solnet's service model is a great way for us to utilize solar electricity. We get cheaper and more environmentally friendly cheaper electricity than at present. At the same time, we are hedging a significant portion of electricity procurement for 15 years", says Lauri Penttinen, Director of Logistics at Ahlsell.

"Demand for photovoltaic services has clearly increased. The agreement with Ahlsell is one of the largest in Finland in this industry. The service agreement is an easy, risk-free and fast way to acquire solar electricity", says Solnet's Antti Tilamaa.

Want to know how the service model works? Download the brochure "Service model or PPA - an easy way to get a solar power plant" here.

Chris Limberger,
Manager Digital Marketing & Sales