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15 October 2018

A solar power plant on the roof of your company will increase sales

A solar power plant on the roof of your company will increase sales. Corporate social responsibility is a rising megatrend that is increasingly valued by consumers and business customers. By incorporating solar power into the story of your own brand, you will get a competitive edge. This in turn leads to higher sales and revenue. A good example is the Robert Paulig Roastery.

The artisan roastery Robert Paulig Roastery has been operating sustainably for a long time. All coffee used by the roastery is responsibly grown and 100% traceable. The coffee beans are roasted with domestic and renewable biogas. Soon, packaging will also move to a more ecological format. Aluminium is discarded, which allows the packaging to be recycled.

The solar power plant crowns sustainability
At Robert Paulig Roastery, coffee and responsibility are taken with passion. Both are undergoing continuous improvement. The location of the roastery in the countryside and the large surface area of ​​the roof created good conditions for the use of solar electricity. Their own solar power plant crowned Robert Paulig Roastery's responsibility for the environment.

Economic benefits of solar
During late summer, Solnet installed a solar power plant on the roof of Robert Paulig Roastery. "The roof of our entire roastery building was covered with solar panels. The sunny summer was a good start for us to roast bright coffee. Photovoltaics is also an economically viable investment and we have calculated that the investment will pay for itself in about ten years", says Robert Paulig Roastery's ambassador Jarkko Issukka.

Only one factor was missing from the calculations: additional sales from the solar power plant. Robert Paulig Roastery skillfully used the solar power plant in its marketing and sales. Very soon after the commissioning, Robert Paulig Roastery made a deal with a new customer equal to the purchase price of the solar power plant.

"Responsibility was a really important theme for our customer. The deal was finally settled by the solar power plant on our roof, Issukka says and continues, "After all, it's nice that the investment is not only visible to us on the expenditure side, but it also brings in more turnover".

Use solar in marketing
Solar electricity is up and coming. It is the most sought after form of electricity generation. This should be used in marketing. Photovoltaics are also visually attractive. Take advantage of your investment and use it in customer communications!
This video is a good example of how photovoltaics could be highlighted in marketing.

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Image and video: Robert Paulig Roastery

Chris Limberger,
Manager Digital Marketing & Sales