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Ensuring safety and security 

Safety and Security in C&I Rooftop PV 

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Ensuring safety and security for the
next era of the solar PV rollout

You're not just investing in solar energy; you're investing in the future of your business. The European C&I solar market has established itself as a global leader, but there's a factor that often gets overlooked: Safety. At Solnet Group, we believe safety is not a mere checkbox—it's the cornerstone of a profitable and sustainable solar investment.

Our latest white paper unpacks the latest advancements in safety and examines how a safer solar system can greatly improve the economic outlook of your investment. If you are in charge of commercial roof space in Europe, and are ready to leverage it to drive down costs for your business, this white paper is for you.

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Key take aways


Safety is an Economic Imperative

How a focus on safety in rooftop solar protects not just people but also investments.


Addressing Specific Risks

Electrical hazards, fire risks, roof damage, and more.


Insurance Benefits of Safer Solar Systems

How improved safety can lower your insurance premiums.


Innovative Safety Solutions by Solnet Group

Stepping beyond compliance and into operational excellence.

Safety & Economics: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The market has been quick to adopt solar for its economic benefits, but what if safety could also be a compelling economic factor? Learn how to seamlessly integrate safety into your investment models, so you can transition to solar with more peace of mind.

What's at Stake: Addressing Specific Risks

Electrical Hazards

Why electrical arcs are the single largest potential danger and how to mitigate them

Fire Risks

The numbers don’t lie—find out the cause of 39% of solar PV fires in Germany.

Roof Damage and Leaks

Discover why this risk is far higher for commercial buildings than homes.

Inverter Malfunctions:

Why a small component can have a huge impact on your energy output.

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Lower Premiums, Higher Profits:
The Insurance Upside

Learn how implementing advanced safety measures can translate into significant financial benefits, making your solar projects all the more attractive to investors.


Prioritizing Safety in C&I Rooftop Solar Installations

Solnet Group’s Contribution to secure investment contribute to mitigating downtime. Through use of power optimizers, real-time monitoring and immediate alerts, Solnet Group’s solutions drastically reduce the effect of faults and potential downtime of solar installations, ensuring consistent energy generation and optimal ROI. 

Insights from Solnet Group

At Solnet Group, safety is a central pillar of what we do. We are proud to offer:


Continuous Monitoring Systems

Real-time alerts and immediate responses


Adaptive Safety Protocols

Evolving with emerging risks and technological advancements.


Rapid Shutdown Features

 Enhancing safety while minimizing downtime.


Advanced Data Management

Making the most out of your real-time data.


Investment in Training

Our commitment to upskilling the workforce in the solar PV space.


Automation for Efficiency

Systems built to perform over the long term.

What Comes Next: Recommendations for a Safer Future

The era of rooftop solar is here, and its success hinges on robust safety solutions like those offered by Solnet Group. Embrace safety, and the sky's the limit.

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